Officially the first team

skating rink in Portugal

- Founded on 20 July 2015, to give formal registration and continuity to the practice of skating in freestyle and in particular on the ice. Registered with the NIPC: 513629459, with the Legal Nature of a sports association governed by private law.

- Officially, this association aims to practice and promote freestyle skating. The organization, management and promotion of events and training in the field of skating.

- Portugal is still a country without specific skating tracks. But this team never gave up on their dream, created a teaching methodology and a school for the teaching of inline and ice skating.




- In 2015, shortly after its foundation, this team organized the 1st National Meeting of Freestyle inline skaters.

- In 2017 this team already had more than 200 skaters who trained inline and also knew how to skate on ice.


- In 2018, the registration with the IPDJ Algarve takes place and presents the 1st specific certified course to train instructors of elementary education in inline skating with the objective of substantially disseminating this modality consistently.


- In 2019 they work together to join the Portuguese Skating Federation and the Alentejo and Algarve Skating Association making the Freestyle side for the first time official and federated in Portugal.





Today, the dream is not over yet, his mission continues ...

This Portuguese team formed by skaters practice Freestyle, that is, a style of free skating without mandatory figures or movement, focused on the pleasure and passion of skating for fun and as a more radical sport.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Characterized by fostering conviviality and fraternity with other skaters, individually or through the constitution of teams whose common motive is the passion for skating or the fun that it can provide beyond artistic or competitive parameters.




President: João Viegas

Vice-President: Luis Eloi
Secretary: Paula Ferreira

Treasurer: -

Member: Carlos Cunha

Supplementary Member: Susana Moreira

President: Luis Romão
Vice-President: Julio Alves
Secretary: Humberto Pereira

President: Carlos de Freitas
Secretary: -

Member: Eduarda Lima

We skate with a lot of passion

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Liceu de Faro Sports Center - São João de Deus School - 8004-069 Faro, PORTUGAL - iceshowassociacaofreestyle@hotmail.com