POLICIES for use

Know the Terms of Use of our Website

1.Benevolence and cordiality

We are all together to create a welcoming atmosphere. We will treat everyone with respect. Healthy discussions are normal, but there must be UNDERSTANDING and HELP.

2.Security and equality

We make sure that everyone feels safe. Aggressiveness is not allowed. No derogatory comments about anyone. We are all here to learn and improve.


Offer more to this group than what you get. It is not allowed to post promotions, commercial sales, spam or links irrelevant to our sport. The goal here is not profit.

4. Respect for everyone's privacy

Being part of this group requires mutual respect. Authentic and free-ranging debates are good for the group, but they can also hurt susceptibilities or be confidential. Shares good times.

About the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

What is a Privacy Policy?
A privacy policy is a document that explains how a website handles all the information collected from its users and / or customers. It is good practice to tell users how the sites store and make use of that data.

We are a family owned and operated business.

How Important is the Privacy Policy?
Privacy policies may or may not be required by law, depending on where we operate. In any case, it is a good practice to have a data protection privacy policy, especially if we collect any type of private data from our members or associates (for example, personal data, payment details, addresses and telephone numbers).

Our privacy policy complies with the GDPR.