W hat's Up beetween Us?

W hat's Up beetween Us?

What are we talking about? where have we been where are we going?
What are we doing? What skaters are we talking about? What are we publishing? How do we do freestyle? The best places, the best skateboards? Our conversations and general topics between this team ....

For the values it has always defended, for its vision of sport, in particular for this new type of skating, for the work capacity, firmness and loyalty that have always characterized it, we are certain that the new functions will be performed with enormous success with all inline freestyle teams that emerge on the national scene.

Congratulations Paula, with our wishes for many and great successes.


Designated by the Iceshow Board for close collaboration with the Portuguese Skating Federation on the new INLINE FREESTYLE approach

- After more than 8 years following the Team Iceshow, from the emergence of the embryonic nucleus to functions in the current Board of the Association, Paula Ferreira has always followed the evolution of freestyle practiced by this group in Portugal very closely. - Paula Ferreira, who in the last 5 years has played a decisive and fundamental role in the destinations and strategies of our Association, will join the FPP team to collaborate in the future of the national "Inline Freestyle". Paula is among the top considerations; "... Contribute to take freestyle skating further in Portugal, placing it on another level, where the best countries meet."

The ther important News: (Click on the Photos to know)


We are stopped, but .... Health is first!

We are a family owned and operated business.

In compliance with the directives of the Directorate-General for Health reinforced by the position of the Fed. Skating in Portugal, given the determinant events of the past few days in relation to COVID19, the ICESHOW Directorate decided to cancel all training and participation in skating events until April 5th. Near this date we will reassess the conditions.

We are sorry to be in this situation, because what we want most is to skate together. We expect the outage to be short-lived. Take cover and protect yourself to help fight this pandemic.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hug to everyone!