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Provas de nivel

Level Tests

Exams for Level II

The internal tests to pass classes from an initiated level to an intermediate level (internal level 1 tests), are in force according to Regulation 01/2023 and consist of a moment of evaluation where the skaters submitted to them demonstrate their skills and techniques. of Inline Freestyle with the aim of moving from beginner to intermediate level classes. These tests allow the skater to have regular, consistent and homogeneous sporting progress within the future class and modality, and facilitate learning within a group of a higher technical level.

These tests are held every four months (and may change according to the Iceshow team's calendar) and will be evaluated by 1 coach and at least 1 intermediate level monitor who constitute the “evaluation table”.

To find out when to take and how a test from level I to level II is processed, we suggest reading Regulation 01/2023, using the button below.

To request participation in these Level Tests, after agreement with the Instructor, you must use the button below to register, pay and request the sending of the test preparation form (Excel).

Then, simply fill out and return the test plan using the form [Request Level Test] or by sending an email, with the completed file attached, to:

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