Why Us?


Freestyle skating learn at a distance of 1 click.


  • Fast, ecological registration, without bureaucracy, without complications.

  • Free experience session even if you heve not your own skates.

  • A experienced team to face the beginner's fears.

  • A large and well-located multisport hall.

  • It is very easy to be part of this Team!

The perfect sport! For you. To practice with family.

  • No age or gender barriers.

  • Suitable for families, parents and children together.

  • Always active, open all year round.


Free skating, for the pleasure of skating.


  • No physical performance requirements.

  • Possible for everyone and to anyone

  • To practice at your own pace.

  • Even if you don't have competitive goals.

  • Skating can also be just for the passion of group fun.

  • You come to have fun. To make new friends !

An economical way to practice an active sport


  • No monthly fees and no extra fees.

  • Economic equipment.

  • Fair and cheap material to your needs.

  • Robust and long-lasting equipment.

  • Suppliers of exclusive equipment and support for material orders.

empilhamento moedas
Apreciando a natureza

A captivating sense of Pleasure and Emotion

  • Strengthens your self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Eliminates stress and reduces anxiety.