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Faro International Cup 2024

The organization

The Faro International Cup is a private competition, organized by the Iceshow Team Freestyle club. It is an international competition officially authorized by the Portuguese Skating Federation and approved by World Skate International. However, it is not regulated by any federation, it is a competition with independent federation tests.

The main objective of organizing this competition is to develop and stimulate freestyle inline skating in Portugal, among athletes and among clubs. Likewise, provide the skater with a new evaluation of her skills in the different tests, in a more relaxed and learning environment in addition to the official national competitions, creating an easy environment for the exchange of techniques or forms of sports performance.

The objective of this brief regulation is to regulate with precise ideas in a simple and general way.

The rules and provisions to be considered in this competition are contained in the General Inline Freestyle Regulations of the Portuguese Skating Federation - FPP - and are applicable to all sports entities, including Clubs, agents and sports practitioners, in Portugal.

The resulting points obtained by each athlete have an effect on the official World Skate ranking in accordance with the regulations of said entity and by which the Federations of each country involved are governed.

The sponsors of the Faro Cup will have priority visibility on the track over local sponsors and sponsorships from the Federation or Regional Skating Associations.

In this competition, 5 events are held in the categories of Free Jump, Slides, Speed Slalom, Battle and Classic Slalom.

6 categories will be available; under14; Under 19 and Senior, for women and men.

All athletes must present themselves at check-in and must only leave the competition after the prizes have been awarded, under penalty of losing the right to receive the prize won.

Only federated athletes may participate in competitions. All participating athletes must be registered in a federated club in their country.

The organizing club will comply, in the first instance, with what is described in the 2024 Competition Regulations of the federation to which it belongs.

Any activity not planned, or not agreed upon by formal means, carried out by entities or people in the space or environment where the competition takes place, is not authorized and may involve the intervention of judicial means to reestablish legality.

The Competition

These Regulations and all competition events of the Faro International Cup follow the international rules of the sport, taken directly from the World Skate Inline Freestyle Regulations in its latest version.

Any issue not contemplated in this regulation must be referenced to the aforementioned WS document. ​

1. The Faro International Cup is managed independently by the Iceshow skating club linked to the Alentejo and Algarve Skating Association, therefore also to the Portuguese Skating Federation (FPP) and will follow its rules and regulations. ​

2. Each event will have its official presentation of medals and prizes by the sponsors/organizers at the appropriate time during the event. The aforementioned medal ceremony will be governed by the general regulations of the FPP competition and by the specific rules of the Inline Freestyle discipline as established below in the indicated chapter. ​


3. The technical competition rules for each of the events are those established by the WORLD INLINE FREESTYLE SKATE REGULATIONS and included in the 2024 competition rules of the FPP Inline Freestyle National Committee for the events held in Portugal, available at the following link - Inline Freestyle Technical Regulations

4. The organization renounced the use of bib numbers for athletes in all events. ​


5. Without prejudice to the conditions defined in the previous points of this chapter, it is up to the President Judge (not the organization) to carry out specific deliberations on the acceptance or rejection of each of the requests for change/alteration of category, after to consider the specificities of each situation in question.




Awards and Podiums (See tables)


1. Medals will be awarded to the 3 winners of each event, from 1st place to 3rd place. ​

2. Trophies will be awarded to all first place winners in the Free Jump, Sliding and Speed Slalom disciplines. ​

3. Cups will be awarded to all 1st place winners in the Battle and Classic Slalom categories.

4. Cash prizes will also be awarded to the 1st places in the SUB19 and SENIOR categories in the 5 events, with a maximum total of 20 winners. ​


5. The first places in Classic Slalom and Battle will be awarded with the Faro International Cup, for a total of 12 cups. ​


6. Prizes or medals will only be awarded to those who show up to pick them up at the time scheduled for delivery during the two days of competition. No prizes or medals will be sent to anyone, nor will they be given to absent athletes or their representatives. ​


7. Any questions or queries about the structure defined for the awards ceremony contained in these regulations should be directed to the organization.

Iceshow Team Freestyle : ;

Praceta Agostinho Ferreira Chaves 2, 1Esq.,

8005-328 Faro, Portugal

Contacto: + 351 936396567






1. "Collaborating Club" means any club that makes its resources available in favor of the organization of this competition through an agreement between the directors of the organizing club and the delegates representing the collaborating club.

A Partner/Sponsor is understood to be any entity or natural person who, once the respective contract has been signed with the organizing club, assumes expenses derived from the organization of the competition or provides funds delivered to the organization for the payment of prizes in cash or material. .

2. The organizing and collaborating clubs will enjoy a special price when registering their skaters, and will be able to expose their brand in advertising at the rink and in streaming (if available).

The minimum contribution to be considered a “collaborating club” is in its minimum expression: the contribution of two volunteers during each full day of competition and/or the contribution of material considered essential for the realization of one of the events.

3. Collaborating clubs DO NOT have any responsibility for the organization.

4. Any club may in the future add its own competition, forming a circuit of competitions/stages, thus becoming a co-organizing club. With this collaboration you will receive from the organization all the logistical support necessary to hold your competition free of charge (specific floor for skidding, jumping meters, stopwatch, music equipment, streaming at a special price and human resources necessary to develop your competition).

5. The sponsors are responsible for delivering the prizes to the skaters of this Cup in accordance with these regulations, at the location of the competition, on the date and time provided in the Program.

6. No sponsor will be accepted that proposes a product or activity that may violate the image of the event (Faro Intern Cup) or the sporting spirit of fair-play, or that violates or threatens to violate, any principle of sports ethics.

7. Each new sponsor must contract his sponsorship if he formally proposes it up to a minimum of 15 days before the start of the competition and must contribute at least 6 prizes, or an amount equivalent to the sale price.

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