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Lâminas de rolo

Main Rules

The good functioning of the Iceshow Associação Freestyle requires compliance with certain rules of conduct, contributing to achieve training and sporting objectives within a climate of collaboration, friendship, harmony and well-being.

The Internal Regulation that all members must know is intended to regulate the functioning of the Association with all practitioners, members and all sports agents and other intervention elements, thus regulating its activity.

Fundamental principles of the Iceshow Freestyle Association (IAF) :
1. is a non-profit association with legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy;
2. has a logo, brand and personalized equipment for its members and practitioners registered in the IAF register; merchandizing or advertising the image may also contain the IAF brand.
3. is governed by the provisions of its Statutes, Internal Regulations and, in the alternative, by the applicable legal provisions.
4. Its principle is to promote and guide the practice of skating in freestyle - “freestyle” on wheels and on ice. Train skaters and monitors to teach skating in order to promote this sport and participate in all types of skating events. In addition, the organization, management and promotion of events in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association and the General Regulation;

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