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Sports Medical Examination

Iceshow Team Freestyle skating club cares about the physical condition of its athletes. As federates they must be in physical condition for practice or competition. Therefore, it is of special importance that, before registration, each one is given the respective sports medical examination, which allows for the early identification of some factor of attention not only in the practice of skating, but also  in the health and well-being of our athletes.


Before joining the club and the skating federation, it is determined that a sports medical examination must be carried out.

Sports medical examination prior to REGISTRATION:

1. The sports medical examination may be carried out in any competent clinic.

It is mandatory that it be a sports medical examination carried out by a competent entity (see model below). If the athlete already has a sports medical exam performed for another sport, then he/she does not need to perform any more. If you don't have it, you can schedule and perform the sports medical exam through our skating school, along with a group of other skaters.

2. the exam must be requested and scheduled     ON HERE     

You should wait for our later contact with the date/time of the exam.  (Usually on Wednesdays).

3. On the date and time indicated, the athlete must attend the clinic to perform the exam, accompanied by the documents that he/she deems to provide additional information to the exam, if necessary.

4. The exam costs around 10.00Eur. payable by the user at the time of the medical examination.

5. After the exam, you will be given a document with the results  which you must scan the home page for use in the online application.

For any questions you can contact our delegate by telephone contact 963620169.

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