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Equipe Vencedora


Awards and Podiums

1. Medals will be awarded to the 3 winners of each event, from 1st place to 3rd place.​

2. Trophies will be awarded to all 1st place finishers in the Free Jump, Slides and Speed Slalom disciplines.​

3. Cups will be awarded to all 1st place winners in the Battle and Classic Slalom categories.

4. Cash prizes will also be awarded to 1st places in the SUB19 and SENIOR categories in the 5 competitions, with a maximum total of 20 winners.​

5. 1st places in Classic Slalom and Battle will be awarded with the Faro International Cup, for a total of 12 cups.​

6. Prizes or medals will only be given to those who are present to collect them at the time scheduled for delivery over the two days of competition. No prizes or medals will be sent to anyone, nor will they be given to absent athletes or their representatives.​

7. Any doubts or questions about the structure defined for the attribution of prizes contained in these regulations must be addressed to the organization. Iceshow Associação Freestyle : +351 936396567

System for awarding medals, trophies and cups for the Faro International Cup

Premios tab EN.PNG

System for awarding prizes in cachet of the Faro International Cup

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