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1 - Online Registration

to make your  ANNUAL REGISTRATION , before you start  you must have with you:


Face photograph with light background, JPG or PNG format, 4x3 vertical dimension.

Sports medical exam made scanned in PDF format. schedule yours now  sports medical exam here

GDPR template Declaration of Consent completed and scanned in PDF format - download here

Then, in the points below, we explain how to complete the remaining steps.

Exame Médico
Medical Record Analysis_edited.jpg


Before joining the club and registering with the skating federation, it is determined that the athlete must undergo a sports medical examination.

The sports medical examination prior to registration may be carried out in any competent clinic.

If the athlete already has a sports medical exam performed for another sport, then he/she does not need to perform any more.

If you don't have it, you can schedule the button below to join the next group of athletes to undergo medical exams.

Transf Bancarias

3 - Transfer

This step is for paying by bank transfer only. If you have already done or are going to do  online registration is not required  do nothing, skip to step 5.

If not, pay (the amount corresponding to the registration made) by bank transfer to the following IBAN:

PT50 0018 000342402594020 86



Don't forget to get proof. It will be missed in the next step.

(*1) - Renewals made after 31 January of each year have a 5 Eur surcharge.

4 - send email

This step is only for those who DO NOT INTEND to apply online. If you want to register online, skip to step 5. Otherwise:


Send by email one of the registration forms indicated below (download using the black buttons), completed, signed and scanned As appropriate:

- Iceshow Federated Athlete Registration

- Non-Athlete Federation Iceshow Registration

- Enrollment only as an Iceshow member for non-practicing or non-resident skaters.

Also, the respective privacy and consent statement.

(download the buttons in black).

Send us a face photo in the same email:

- JPG format,  4x3 Vertical (possible to do on mobile), the  colors and with a light background.


Add in the email proof of payment made by bank transfer.


SEND the email to:  



Go straight to the closed group "Iceshow Freestyle School" on Facebook by clicking here .

When you open the link, ask for membership to this group using a button like the one shown below that appears on that Facebook page.

This group is exclusive to members and serves to quickly update information between members.

  • Facebook


Register with your data as a new "page member" at:

LOGIN to enter and be recognized as a new member. You will soon receive a message to install our Iceshow mobile app.

When you receive the Iceshow App, install it and you will be added to the internal group of members to be aware of all the news and be able to interact with your favorite team.

Instala a nossa App Iceshow para telemóvel para seres agregada/o ao grupo interno de associados para estares a par de todas as novidades e poderes interagir com o teu Team preferido.

Acede ao link seguinte para instalares a nossa App Iceshow: AQUI

It's done!

You will soon receive your payment receipt in your e-mail.

Now you can skate with

the iceshow team

Have fun !

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